Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The One Minute Handicapper - Review

Hurricane Irene passed through the Boston area on Sunday washing out horse racing up an down the eastern seaboard.  With no electricity, no TVG, and no Internet connection, the only way to stay in touch with horse racing was by reading.  Some time ago a read a book titled "The One Minute Handicapper".  The title is a play on the 70's and 80's management series, "The One Minute Manager".  I remember the book being informative and easy read....just the "ticket" for a rainy Sunday reading by candlelight.

The Book is authored by Frank DiTondo, an avid horse racing fan, handicapper, and race horse owner.  He proclaims to have got started in horse racing at the age of 12 at of all places Suffolk Downs.  Since that's the same track that propelled my love of the sport, I feel a certain kindsmanship to Mr. DiTondo.

Suffolk Downs Starting Gate
The One Minute Handicapper is not so much the work of a professional handicapper as it is a way to refine and organize the information in the Daily Racing Form.  Mr. DiTonto does a very good job at organizing, prioritizing and simplifying details of the handicapping process.  Frank's process focus is on logical betting situations, and presents those situations in a very easy to understand format.  The whole theory of the One Minute Handicapper is that all the information you need to win a race in in the Daily Racing Form, you just have to know how to find it.

On the One Minute Handicapper web site Mr. DiTonto elaborates on a betting situation known as the first flash. (Chapter 10, section 1)   "First flash can be the smart money. The backside money goes there," he argues. "At my web site,, I've got a testimonial from a guy at the Daily Racing Form He said, 'I'm watching the second at Gulfstream. The first flash is on the 1-horse, Letsringthebell, who is 20-1 in the morning line, but opens at 3-5'. It goes up to 12-1 and he puts $20 to win on it and it wins for fun and pays $37."  I have had this same situation play out for me several times in my life but I never really thought of it as a betting strategy.

DiTondo's book also emphasizes taking a long look at beaten favorites.

"When I have a beaten favorite, I go back to the charts and I might see that he had a troubled trip or a poor ride. If you give it second chance, you probably get a better price on it. I picked Nobiz Like Shobiz to win the Wood Memorial because he was a beaten favorite in the Fountain of Youth. He had a troubled trip."  I too have noticed over the years that beaten favorites are often overlooked or given up on presenting a very favorable betting opportunity.

In all there are 22 betting situations detailed in Mr. DiTondo's book.  In each situation he explains the logic or trainer intent behind the angle and includes several winning examples.  Reading this book and following his handicapping situations will make you a better handicapper.  Following the "situations" will better prepare and organize you.  You will especially feel more comfortable in pick-3 and pick -4 situations.

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