Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The One Minute Handicapper - Review

Hurricane Irene passed through the Boston area on Sunday washing out horse racing up an down the eastern seaboard.  With no electricity, no TVG, and no Internet connection, the only way to stay in touch with horse racing was by reading.  Some time ago a read a book titled "The One Minute Handicapper".  The title is a play on the 70's and 80's management series, "The One Minute Manager".  I remember the book being informative and easy read....just the "ticket" for a rainy Sunday reading by candlelight.

The Book is authored by Frank DiTondo, an avid horse racing fan, handicapper, and race horse owner.  He proclaims to have got started in horse racing at the age of 12 at of all places Suffolk Downs.  Since that's the same track that propelled my love of the sport, I feel a certain kindsmanship to Mr. DiTondo.

Suffolk Downs Starting Gate
The One Minute Handicapper is not so much the work of a professional handicapper as it is a way to refine and organize the information in the Daily Racing Form.  Mr. DiTonto does a very good job at organizing, prioritizing and simplifying details of the handicapping process.  Frank's process focus is on logical betting situations, and presents those situations in a very easy to understand format.  The whole theory of the One Minute Handicapper is that all the information you need to win a race in in the Daily Racing Form, you just have to know how to find it.

On the One Minute Handicapper web site Mr. DiTonto elaborates on a betting situation known as the first flash. (Chapter 10, section 1)   "First flash can be the smart money. The backside money goes there," he argues. "At my web site,, I've got a testimonial from a guy at the Daily Racing Form He said, 'I'm watching the second at Gulfstream. The first flash is on the 1-horse, Letsringthebell, who is 20-1 in the morning line, but opens at 3-5'. It goes up to 12-1 and he puts $20 to win on it and it wins for fun and pays $37."  I have had this same situation play out for me several times in my life but I never really thought of it as a betting strategy.

DiTondo's book also emphasizes taking a long look at beaten favorites.

"When I have a beaten favorite, I go back to the charts and I might see that he had a troubled trip or a poor ride. If you give it second chance, you probably get a better price on it. I picked Nobiz Like Shobiz to win the Wood Memorial because he was a beaten favorite in the Fountain of Youth. He had a troubled trip."  I too have noticed over the years that beaten favorites are often overlooked or given up on presenting a very favorable betting opportunity.

In all there are 22 betting situations detailed in Mr. DiTondo's book.  In each situation he explains the logic or trainer intent behind the angle and includes several winning examples.  Reading this book and following his handicapping situations will make you a better handicapper.  Following the "situations" will better prepare and organize you.  You will especially feel more comfortable in pick-3 and pick -4 situations.

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The One Minute Handicapper - A Guide To Profitable Handicapping

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Saratoga Horse Racing Workouts By Way Of Nelson Ave

One of the things I enjoy the most during my stay at Saratoga is attending the morning workouts.  No matter how late I was out the night before I am always at the rail watching the horses train.  For me its more than the views of the early morning race course but it is the sounds and the smell of the track.

I always stay at the Brunswick Bed an Breakfast, across the street and a short distance from the mail gate,  At 6:45 I start for the track being passed by the early morning joggers and folks racing to reserve picnic tables when the area opens at 7:00.  I am always amazed how quickly the picnic tables fill after the gates open.
Clubhouse Breakfast At Saratoga Race Course
After buying a cup of coffee I proceed to the grandstand  boxes at the finish line, right behind the clocker.  If you have never done so you should try the "Breakfast at Saratoga".  It is located downstairs in the clubhouse right at the finish line.

Then there's Mary Ryan, the long time morning track announcer at Saratoga since Seattle Slew was a 2 year old (1976).

Also, take the backside tour.  It is a very good free tour of the stable area.

If however your like me you need a change.  Last week instead of going to the workouts I walked down Nelson Ave.  My walk started at the corner of Nelson and Union, roughly the location of the Brunswick. A short distance down the road is the start of the clubhouse turn.  The only thing between the clubhouse turn and the racetrack is a small service road.  Moving clockwise, on the outside of the track, were sets of fresh horses moving towards the grandstand to begin their workout.   On the rail, horses finishing up their works traveling counter clockwise toward the barns.  The only sounds you could hear were those of the pounding hoofs, and labored breathing of the horses tired by their morning drill.

The next stop, at the top of the clubhouse turn, is chute for the start of the 7 furlong races.  A starting gate was set up in the chute for schooling of young horses likely awaiting their first race.  The assistant starters were working with a Barkley Tagg runner (BT on the saddle cloth) who was very reluctant to load.  The horse fought with the gate personnel for about 20 minutes before quietly loading into the gate.  No one else was there watching.  It was a private show for me.  This is also the place where horses exiting the track cross to return to barns located off the main grounds.  You could literally wait 5 minutes for all the horses to cross.  This was a great resting spot on my journey.

Moving further down the road for the next 200 or so yards there is a training track.  The track is a little deeper and good for injured horses.  Several horses gallop around the small oval literally only  feet from the pavement.  It is a great place to watch horses.

Across the street are the Linda Rice Stables.  You cannot enter the stables but there no need.  You can see the stable workers tending the the horses up close right from the gate.  Linda Rice has a large stable and you can see the need for organization.  I was still standing across the street watching a big gray being hosed down, suds going everywhere when Linda arrived, cell phone in hand, riding a golf cart around the stable.  She looked to be in complete charge  of the stable.

Just beyond the far corner of the Saratoga backstretch is the private stable owned by Godophin an Arab racing stable.  Godophin is a beautiful piece of property with it own training track.  Horses are placed in corrals while workers muck the stables.  Some stand quietly others play under the trees. I could watch the horses play all day.

In all the walk was about 2 1/2 miles and took me about 1 1/2 hours.  I will still go back to the organized workouts but this was a nice change.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Las Vegas Hilton -" PICK THE PONIES" Horse Racing Tournament

The Las Vegas Hilton will be hosting the summer edition of the "Pick The Ponies" tournament August 25th through 27th. The tournament coincides with the Travis Stakes run at Saratoga on the 27th.  Details of the "Pick the Ponies" tournament (and all tournaments) can be found on the HRT411 web site by clicking here  Entry fee is $500 but register early and pay only $450.00.

I moved back to the east about 10 tears ago which  is about the last time I participated in the thrice a year tournament.  Prior to that I would travel to the Hilton in late April as part of my yearly horse racing pilgrimages.  The April tournament was always held the week before the Kentucky Derby.

The Hilton Sports Book under the direction of Jay Kornegay and "Rosemary", has always been a wonderful host providing,  free buffet voucher, reduced rates on rooms, a free welcome reception, and daily prizes provided by the sports book.    I always liked the feel of the Hilton Sports Book.   It has a comfortable auditorium setting with individual tables and lighting (very important for us old timers).  I'm told a lot of tournaments today are held in conference and banquet rooms on circular tables.  I'm not nuts about that feel.  I like the serious look and feel of a sports book.

Tournament play is different than betting at the racetrack.  I'm sure the rules vary by tournament, but at the Hilton you make selections from cards at Hilton selected racetracks (Usually 5).  From those cards you must bet $200 to win, place, and show from a mythical bankroll.  At the end of the tournament whoever has the biggest mythical bankroll is the winner.  Its that easy.

Because you are playing against other contestants it is not only important to have the winner but it has to be at the right price.  Chalk won't do it!!  The Hilton returns all entry fees in the form of prizes making winning the tournament a very lucrative proposition.  The winner of the Hilton tournament usually wins north of $30,000.  First place in the daily contests usually wins north of $3,000.

Once again, get all your tournament details by clicking here. To learn more about the strategy behind winning a tournament buy the book Handicapping Contest Handbook, Revised and Updated: A Horseplayer's Guide to Handicapping Tournaments. by Noel Michaels.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WUNDERDOG Value Play Result

Wunderdog Sports FREE Value Play had 1 winner paying $17.20 to win and $7.10 to place.  The Free Play System only produced 2 possible plays.  If you would like a copy of the system for FREE email me by CLICKING HERE.  Winning Profit on a $2.00 bet is $13.20.

Yesterday's Wunderdog Paid Subscription

With the Saratoga dark Wunderdog took on Delaware for 4 races.  Applying the Value Play Rules we only played 3 races.  Our System produced 1 winner paying $12.80 to win and $6.20 to place.  Betting $2.00 to win on each horse produced a profit of $6.80.  If you would like a copy of this easy to use system just send me an email by CLICKING HERE.

Final Chart is the Value Pick.......more to follow.

Monday, August 8, 2011


Last weeks value play results using WUNDERDOG free selections.  To get a free copy of my value system send me an email by CLICKING HERE.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

WUNDERDOG Value Play - Battle of the EXES

I watched the TVG interviews yesterday drawing positions and horses for  the Battle of ex-(lovers/friends/whatever), Chantal Sutherland and Mike Smith.  The exes will be competing in a match race at Delmar on Sunday afternnon.  Both should be thanked for a positive horse racing promotion.  They both handled themselves professionally and positively.  I'm looking forward to the race.  Whose side are you on?  I'm rooting for Chantel.  I love underdogs!!

Start of a new week at Saratoga.  Wunderdog value play free selections detailed in the table on the left.

Each Day  Wunderdog sends you selections for 2 races, 1 east coast (usually Saratoga), and 1 west coast (usually Delmar).  The secret is to fins the value which I explain in my value finder system.  I will send you a copy free if you send me your email address by CLICKING HERE.

The second chart is applying the same principles to Wunderdog's paid horse racing service.  Prices for the paid service vary by type of plan.  For a 1 day, 1 track, package the price is $10.00.  I will be spending a week in Saratoga mid-month and I intend to buy a weekly package for $25.00.  If you are heading to the spa or just betting on you PC, I suggest you at least get the free service.  SIGN UP HERE!

The final chart details Wunderdog selections applying rules to my Cash Management System.  More on that later.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Linda Rice Scores in Turf Sprint

Linda Rice has made a nice living over the past few years in turf sprints at Saratoga.  She won her first yesterday with Ahvee's Destiny in the $75,000 Smart & Fancy overnight Stakes.  Her backers were handsomely rewarded with a $27.60 payday.

Off to a slow start through the first weeks of the Saratoga meet I think it would be unwise not to consider her future runners "live" especially on the Turf.  Keep an eye on horses saddled by her that are owned by her or Clyde Rice.  She places these horses very well.

If you get a chance to go up to Saratoga this year look for her in the winners circle.

WUNDERDOG Value Play System Results for Monday:

Speaking of Ahvee's Destiny, she was our first play and only winner yesterday for the value play system.  The system had 5 bets in 4 races with one winner.  Profit on a $2.00 bet was $17.60 on win bets and $10.80 on place bets.  To get a free copy of the system CLICK HERE to send me an email.  The system has produced winners at over a 20% clip this week at Saratoga with an average winning price of $19.60.

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